Rovaniemi Poems

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ROVANIEMI POEMS. Harald Birger Olausen. Dedicated to Eino Hantula from Rovaniemi. Hantula’s character has an air of intellectual solitude that defies conformity, thus maybe being the very empodiment of what John Stuart Mill ment when he wrote that ”precisely because the tyranny of opinion is such as to make eccentricity a reproach, it is desirable, in order to break through that tyranny, that people should be eccentric”. Thomas Mann also wrote about such solitude in his Death in Venice masterpiece as he said that it is the condition that creates eccentric thoughts, brave and starnge beauty, sweet poetry, but he also understood, to his horror, that it was also the condition that gives birth to all that is wicked, unnatural, disproportioned and illicit. And it is this pressing dilemma of these times that this book is about and also why this book is dedicated to this Rovaniemi`s Don Quixote figure, Eino Hantula, whom would make Andre Malraux proud, because Hantula stands out as real actor-intellectuel in a world manicean mannerisms and whose depth, tonal scala and quality are keys to the fountains of real thought leading the viewers, with his interpretations, to the original mysticism of emotion where the chronology of time breaks up from off the stories to set free the pure experience and then to dissolves itself back into the stories (as it was in Shakespeare’s world) as diverse passages that bring things, people and stories to strange coherence and harmony, so that the only things that still remain, are the confusingly soluble feelings of randomness, insanity and grotesque cynicism that deny guilt and propriety and thus make visible the hollowness of precise intentions and the terminal impotence of their final definitions. My poems try to depict the rascals that exist in the effect they are between people and things. Rascals that either draw in or repulse. The forces that separate and unite us are hidden from others, sometimes from our selves, and thoroughly. Awareness is no talisman that solves everything, but broadening it with the power of words we can peek behind the scenes of things and see ourselves, our lies and shackles, and the hope we thought was lost in the future, from behind and in a brand new mind invigorating and opening light. For us life and human being as such is the measure and foundation of all life, like it was for Sokrates. I cherish the diversity, openness, possibility, and encourage the change together with the realisation that this world can, in effect, be saved from the vanity, self-deception’s slavery and stupidity’s perfection. It can be saved free of all necessitates and shit, and gave birth to these freedom-ballad’s poetry about despair and pain.